Old is Great Again

Some thoughts that are a continuation of my tweet on the Roland Space Echo RE-201

Damn this space echo sounds amazing, wonder what it would sound like rigged with a great condenser mic - https://t.co/aRvkQ0nl9D

— Kalv Sandhu (@kalv) August 18, 2023

I was researching some old school music for something I'm working on and saw my daughter's name appear in the Spotify search! Aria!

Aria is an Australian music awards ceremony like the Juno Awards in Canada, the Mercury Prize Awards in UK, or Eurovision, Grammys, etc, etc. But what I found is that someone has put up the selections of the year in a spotify playlist! Thank you re.disco.very! There might be ones for the others but I'm not sure, didn't search for them.

I listened to the 1975 selection. It's not just Australian artists but from all over the world. Which is wonderful. Basically think Guardians of the Galaxy zune on steriods. Peter Quill getting an iPhone 15 from his dad in the next Guardians of the Galaxy.

The track selection are so unique and have been amazing to work with this afternoon. They have amazing melodies, switching of notes with simple effect pedals for that time.

Great australian artists that I had no idea about, like the The Newcastle Song (live) from Bob Hudson, reminds me of old school Flight of Conchords. The live version has some great stereo panning, around 2min mark I think.

Anyhow, go ahead and take a listen to some oldies, it's where certain music melodies began. Even Dave Grohl said that he was influenced by disco on his drumming for Nirvana.