Pre Summer Solstice

A small update. I’ve been quiet. Personally and professionally. For a couple of reasons.

I’ve been travelling, been away from my family. Currently writing this in northern Canada, where I’ve been able to finally find peace and ability to focus on work. Being offline has been truly the only method that is working for me right now.

I originally started to be offline so that I could better understand what data we’d need to collect for private offline AI engines. Models that perhaps are tuned, personalized for a specific individual. Ones where they would respond with the right tone, culture or religon references to the right audience. Whether you're talking to someone in iceland that loves liquorice vs someone from portland that takes film photos.

Data is subjective, personal and private at times, so how does it all come together. Should one big corporation own all knowledge. I’d like to think we’ll have communities of knowledge. Large city libraries, that flow to smaller communities all the way to a make shift box at the front lawn of someone’s house that has some books they’d like to exchange.

From this, I’ve got too many things to investigate and work on. So I’m going to take my time, I’ve been afraid to update my investors (yes I’m admitting that here publicly), so they’re probably reading this and thinking I’ve gone crazy. Oh well, if I have, then crazy products we’ll have. Crazy concepts like better high fidelity audio distribution, health/dietary improvements, local compute models for private family chat agents, the list goes on. So now the hard work to refine test for traction and what will sustain my efforts on this journey.

Throughout all of this, I’ve been suffering from mental health issues. I want to call this out cause it’s normal and should be considered that way. I suffered from some tragic childhood trauma that I only now have fully accepted. What’s been difficult about it, is how at the age of 12, an event shaped how I interacted with people. One that I didn’t like, going out of my way to please people at the sacrifice of my own health, physical and mental. Like with anything in life, we have our ups and downs. And it’s how you look at them, today I like to think of them as a wave form. Music, harmony, so if there’s a note playing high, there’s one playing low too, the fat bass line on the latest Jungle.

While you’re reading this, check out my tweet for spatial audio help.

Today, got some nice fresh baked bread I made at 6am (I’m on a 6 hour on and 6 hour off schedule, get much more done). Figuring out how to get to Argentina on the cheap (experimenting with travel data for better modelling).