Better task management and more cloud please

I wrote a post the other week about what tools I use today. It got me thinking on how I would want to improve that setup.

Task management

I still feel that I don't get the most out of task management software. I just recently switched to Android and I lost Reminders from iOS and it made my brain start to think how I would like to do tasks.

I want to use something that can better manage what I should do based on my mindset or context (Yes Robert Scoble too would probably want this). For example I want a notification to remind me what I should do when I'm at work working on project x or client y.

Remind me what to mention or talk when I'm meeting with a specific contact for coffee.

Something to remind me when it's the weekend and I should do the things my family asked me to do, that passing task my Wife asked me to do during the week.

To take things further that system should be collaborative, allowing other members I give access to add things to that task list. I'm always getting tasks via email from my family, community groups & teams.

I can't find anything at the moment so I'm trying to use a bunch of tools to satisfy this.

Mo' Cloud services

I want to embrace cloud services more.

I want to not rely on on my laptop as much. In case it dies or so that I can move to having separate machines again. One machine at work and another at home. I don't feel the need to carry around a laptop as much anymore.

With this in mind perhaps my development environments could all be virtual servers setup with the correct way, taking pages from theVagrant efforts.

Maybe my machine at the office is just a Raspberry PI that can bring up Chrome and shell to get vim open. Would that be enough? :wq