How to beat the pirates

I have been talking and debating on downloading pirate videos and music for a while now, I think it would stop if there was a quick, easy and cheap alternative. Reading the Digital Britain full report today a point made me want to post this and find out what others think.

People that download the content whether that be music or video are partly doing this out of simplicity and convenience. For example going to the movies to some might be expensive, time consuming, have bad experiences (noises, damn kids) but downloading a DVD copy of film not long after is seen as easy and simple with the sites and tools that are out there. Where are the alternatives? Why can't people go to an application that serves high quality films, cheap with fast bandwidth pipes guaranteeing quick downloads, discounts, etc. If this was available I believe everyone will flock to it, like how purchasing of music through iTunes has taken off.

Reading through the Digital Britain report under the exec summary (not sure if i'll get through the whole thing), point 45 talks about tackling Piracy and downloads, I look forward enthusiastically to:

"The objective of the Government’s policy is therefore three-fold. Firstly, to provide a framework that encourages the growth of legal markets for downloading that are inexpensive, convenient and easily accessible for consumers."

To provide a framework that encourages of legal markets and services is key, couldn't agree more. What do you think?