Ember.js learning resources and libraries

We ran the first Vancouver Ember.js meetup last night and it was fun to hear from other developers in town developing applications using the great framework. We very much treated the evening as a pre-first event to understand what we'll do in the future meetups. Thanks to FullStack for letting us use their offices.

As we got talking we thought it best to share where and what we've been using to build our applications. And also collect learning resources for the new developers in the room.

Here's a quick link dump of what we all found useful. Please add a comment if you are using something that we missed.

It's worth mentioning that a couple of people mentioned to not read or watch anything that was not written this year or even since 6 months ago as it being out of date will confuse you.



Tools / Libraries

If you're interested in Ember and in Vancouver, we are going to meet regularly to share and build on one another's experiences, so come along, even if you just want to start learn Ember.

Have thoughts on what I've shared? Please tweet me @kalv publicly or privately, would love to chat.